Fashion Show

Friday March 6   6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

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Watch our models walk the Heard catwalk in creations by these amazing designers of wearable art.


Loren Aragon (Acoma Pueblo), Booth # E-15, is co-founder of ACONAV with Valentina (Navajo) Aragon. The brand celebrates the strength and empowerment of women through positive expressions in designs that tie culture to modern style.

Virginia Yazzie Ballenger (Navajo), Booth # E-12, creates designs inspired by her Navaho heritage by continuing the tiered and pleated velvets accented with sterling silver buttons.

Catherine Black Horse (Seminole Nation of Oklahoma), Booth # K-12, uses materials dating from the 1800s, including fine wool, silk, ribbons, metal sequins, dentallium shells, real elk teeth and antique thimbles, to create her dresses.

Sage Davis (Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe), Booth # A-48, is a traditional Anishinaabe apparel and beadwork artist.

Melissa Lewis-Barnes (Navajo), Booth # E-09, creates custom, hand-made cowboy hats that incorporate her Navajo and cowboy heritage. She irons and sands beaver fur felt, hand-sews the details and adds her own beaded hatbands and hand-painted designs.

Sho Sho Esquiro (Kaska Dene and Cree), Booth # I-23, uses organic fabrics, as well as recycled leathers, furs, and trims, in vibrant colors thus melding her passion for hip-hop culture with her aboriginal heritage to create a unique, fresh look with an urban-Native twist.

Leon Martinez (Navajo), Booth # D-42, a jeweler whose work is described as early 1900s old style mixed with contemporary style uses nature for designs and structures.

Beverly Bear King Moran (Standing Rock Sioux), Booth # D-26, traditional buckskin dress. Her work symbolizes her respect and love of her grandmother and the Lakota way of life.

Tahnibaa Naataanii (Navajo), Booth # B-48, weaver. She was inspired by the early Navajo jewelry designs of Fred Harvey motifs. Her “TahNibaa Shawl” received the Best of Show Award at the 2018 Gallup Ceremonial Show.

Summer Peters (Saginaw Ojibwe), Booth # J-05, beadwork. She often beads flowers, leaves, berries and other foliage found in a Great Lakes forest in the Ojibwe-style.

Florence Riggs (Diné), Booth # D-44, specializes in fine woven Navajo traditional/pictorial rug dresses which may include portraits, sports team logos and other scenes.

Penny Singer (Navajo), Booth # I-23, creates a line of unique handmade clothing and accessories that embraces the Native American Spirit and comes to market with clean lines, smart design, and a flavor all its own.

Della BigHair Stump (Crow Nation/Crow Agency, Montana), Booth # , combines beading, sewing, featherwork and Crow designs with the modern world to make wearable fashion.

Delina White (Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe), Booth # A-48, a traditional Anishinaabe/Ojibwe Woodland floral design beadwork artist, combines beads and fabric to make traditional attire and accessories.

JT Willie (Navajo), Booth # K-09, combines beadwork and silver in his designs.